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Agricultural land

Approximately 75 percent of Hungary's territory is suitable for agriculture. The amount of land that is in fact used for agricultural production has decreased since the regime change, and this process has continued in recent years – among other reasons because land can be reclassified as non-agricultural, and thus removed from cultivation, relatively easily and cheaply. Though the government majority approved a so-called "land protection" law in the 2010-2014 parliamentary period, it contains a high number of loopholes, allowing for the reclassification, for example, of the best quality arable land for mining or urban development purposes, which is clearly an unsustainable regulatory practice, as arable land is a scarce environmental resource.

Land use

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Az elmúlt években némiképp csökknet a szántóföldek és nőtt az erdőterületek aránya.

Area of agricultural lands

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Cultivation forms

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