Green New Deal Scorecard for Hungary

This is the second time our Report undertaking to assess the state of the Green New Deal in Hungary is published. Three dimensions of the global crisis are presented, analysing data on the economy, the environment and society. Several hundred indicators are detailed, complemented with data tables and charts to reveal whether Hungary is getting closer to becoming a sustainably society in the given domain, or to the contrary, moving away from that goal. Our publication is an attempt for Hungary to take a first account of where it stands with the New Green Deal.

It is not easy to clearly identify the direction in which we are heading. The very concept of sustainability is difficult to define to start with. Many phenomena that contribute to the assessment of sustainable development are difficult to quantify, while the databases on other, measureable processes are deficient or unavailable. Furthermore, our grading system is inherently subjective, even if the grades awarded are based on the evolution of concrete indicators. We do not think that our work is finished in any sense: both the methodology and the database require further development. Still, a certain image of the present state of Hungarian society is drawn, deserving attention.

It is our intention that these data be analysed by many, and to see many people, especially decision makers, carry out their own assessments. We seek to generate debate on social phenomena, on sustainability, and on the future of society. If many people used this database suitable for preparing decisions, that would mean that the time has finally come when Hungarian public discourse is ready to take the cause of the Green New Deal seriously. 

The 2014 database can be accessed here, while the first report, from the same year, can be downloaded here.