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Soil protection

Soil protection is indispensable for both food security and environmental sustainability - due to climate change, erosion, overpopulation and pollution, soil itself has become a scarce resource.

There is only limited date available on Soil Protection. The information available primarily sheds light on quantitative indicators on the work performed by authorities, being less informative for the identification and assessment of the changes concerning risk factors. In 2011, the controlled objects did not meet soil protection standards in 219 cases out of a total of 2269 soil protection audits, calling for further intervention. 2012 figures showed some development, with 126 cases of non-compliance out of 1575 inspections made by soil supervisors (7%). The character of infringements has not changed over the past two years. In the majority of cases, a breach of soil protection was recorded, concerning  in particular the statutory obligations as opposed to soil protection requirements defined in the permits. In a smaller range of cases, violations had to do with the requirements of the nitrates directive.

Nitrogén mérleg

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40%-kal több nitrogént viszünk be a talajankba, mint amennyit a növények elhasználnak.

Foszfor mérleg

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A magyarországi talajok foszfor mérlege a nullához közelít, de ez önmagában még nem mond sokat, mert nem tudjuk, hogy az output oldalon milyen mértékű a felszín alatti vizekben való elfolyás, az erózióval való távozás és a fixáció.