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Subsidies on public transportation

The state spends less and less on promoting community transport, the expenditure in this sector decreased by HUF 16 billion in 2012 relative to 2011 levels. The state achieves decreasing expenditures by diminishing consumer price completion. The support provided for bus and railway tickets decreased but the support for travel passes valid for community transport in the capital and other major towns did not change in 2012. It is a serious problem that the state – the primary procurer of community transport services – does not pay the price of the ordered services, thus fails to fulfil its contractual obligations and the service providers make up for the accrued loss by neglecting developments. Parallel to this, great service providers (Volán companies, BKK) continuously conclude agreements with external service providers which on the one hand makes it possible to renew the vehicle park, while on the other hand creates a disadvantageous market position for companies of the local authorities and enhances capital extraction from the sector. 

Reduced fares

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