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Subvention of efficient energy use

Subsidies for efficient energy use can also be quantified based on the value of the projects that received funding. 

Proportionally to the funds of Priority 5 of the EEOP (Environment and Energy Operative Programme, "KEOP" in Hungarian), the number of grants awarded grew rapidly until 2010, while the large number grant proposals submitted clearly indicated the demand exceeded the proposed framework by several orders of magnitude. However, instead of the adapting to these needs, the years 2011-2012 were largely characterised by hesitation, which, over and beyond the lack of financial resources, was also due to administrative reasons. Based on these facts, the Hungarian performance in the field of Promoting efficient energy consumption only deserves a grade of 2 („sufficient”).

Subvention of use of renewable sources

a támogatásban részesült projektek értéke a Környezet és Energia Operatív Program kapcsolódó prioritásainak arányában (%)
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